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BAIT – 2.00pm – SOLD OUT

You and your team have been hired to clean up an old, abandoned laboratory in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. Sounds simple enough, right? That all changes the moment the door locks behind you.

Blood soaks the floor, wires spark, lights flicker, and the strange, guttural sounds coming from the walls suggest you’re not alone. Something monstrous lurks just out of sight, waiting patiently to pick your team off one by one.

You have 1 HOUR to navigate the lab, uncover its terrible secrets, solve its perilous puzzles and evade the evil that stalks you at every turn.

Succeed, and you will earn your freedom. Fail, and the real clean-up crew will soon arrive to scrape away whatever’s left of you…

There is a £5 Discount for each 16-17 year-old in your group.


Feb 15 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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The Laboratory
Tunbridge Wells
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