BAIT will take place in a secret area of the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. This hidden space not typically open to the public, so please follow the theatre staff’s instructions upon arrival at the box office.

Ticket prices vary depending on the size of your party. The bigger the group, the more you save!

6 Players – £120

5 Players – £110

4 Players or less – £100

*PLEASE NOTE* – BAIT is intended to be challenging, and has been designed with groups of 4-6 players in mind. Please be aware that, if you choose to attempt BAIT with a team of less than 4 players, you may find that your experience is impacted.

Tickets are available HERE

BAIT is an immersive experience that incorporates physical activity (including crawling) and interactions with unpleasant substances. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Please arrive at least FIFTEEN MINUTES before your scheduled start time to receive your introduction and safety briefing. This briefing is mandatory and will potentially run into your game time if it begins too late.

BAIT is designed to be an intense and immersive horror experience. As such, it is suitable only for persons aged 16+, and people under the age of 16 will not be admitted. Please bring ID with you should you look under 25, or you may be denied entry.

Actors will manoeuvre within close proximity to participants, but under no circumstances will actors intentionally harm or act inappropriately toward participants. Please be aware that any aggressive retaliation to this is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in premature termination of your experience and ejection from the premises without a refund.

Once you are inside the experience the door will be locked (with an emergency release available), so we would strongly recommend visiting the bathroom before beginning the experience. Should you need to during the experience please signal the Game Host and they will unlock the door to allow you to visit the bathroom.

Please note that the clock will not be stopped if a member of your party visits the bathroom, and that this may reduce the sense of immersion.

Due to its nature as a horror experience, BAIT has been designed to create an atmosphere of sustained physical and emotional turmoil. As such, there are aspects of the experience, such as jump scares, a need to crawl through tight spaces, and exploration of/reference to potentially triggering themes, that may render it unsuitable for persons with certain disabilities. If you aren’t quite sure whether BAIT is right for you and would like a more specific recommendation, please feel free to get in touch HERE and we will do our best to help and advise.

There are a number of interactive props and furnishings within BAIT that either consist of, or may contain, Latex. If you have a Latex allergy, please inform our Front of House Team upon arrival and we will provide you with a pair of cotton gloves to wear during the experience. You are also welcome to bring your own gloves from home should you prefer to do so.

Due to the immersive nature of BAIT, which depends on attendees going in blind and having no prior knowledge of what they are about to endure, we cannot allow the experience to be filmed or recorded in any way. Phones and cameras will need to be placed into the secure storage facilities provided prior to the start of your session.